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I love ❤️ loud music 🎶 especially hurumkas. Did I say that right ? Unfortunately lots of other people don't. 😧
Today, I took my beebopped Swan 1248-7 to the dentist's office. As usual, I was playing while waiting to get into the old chair of pain, and decided the 1248-7 is not my favorite Swan. Still bummed about loosing my -6. The -7 sounds very similar BUT it projects too much. (plays too stinkin loud) I know a lotta you guys and gals like that, but not meesh!  If I want loud, I get a mic :)  How long is the official mourning period for a Chromatic that you play every day for seventy-four and a half months?
I can see why you would want a quiet harp. Sometimes I wanna play but don't wanna intrude in other people's sound space 🚀. Sometimes you really gottta get that air humming through the darn thing to get that lovely tone. Which is very loud .
I broke up with my 270 today . Back to the MK . So today MK is my favourite . I only own two chromatics. Have loads of diatonics though .
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Reading standard notation for chrome
« Last post by JohnE on Today at 10:07:27 AM »
I've not posted for some time but I do relate to the theme being discussed here.

Like others I dip in and out of method books but do not find them inspiring. I play "at" guitar, reading standard notation, and do try to abide by this method when learning to play the chromatic.

My main problem is that I just don't spend enough time doing so, either chromatic or guitar. Too many other activities going on in my life even after being retired for 11 years. Heyho. Must make time!
John E.
« Last post by 123dwight on Today at 08:19:34 AM »
I used to live at 6000 feet, but have been at sea level for 8 years. I'm older and in worse shape now. I'll need a couple days in camp to adjust before the big hike. That's why I "need" a harmonica! I'm going to bring something more airtight than what I had originally planned.

Elizabeth- I may have found something for hands. If it helps, I'll tell you when I get back.
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: Power Comb sanding-flat, anyone?
« Last post by bluesngrass on Today at 07:03:25 AM »
Brendan Power has a link to a you tube video on his website where he shows you what to do.  It's not too hard.  You just need a flat surface and some fine sandpaper.
New Member Intros / Re: Greetings
« Last post by bluesngrass on Today at 06:40:36 AM »
Thanks Everyone!
« Last post by Scotty on Today at 05:12:29 AM »
In Denver in 2006 I had THE most difficult time playing --or even walking and talking at the same time. Had no idea it was related to the altitude, until others
discussed it enough so I finally dawned on me why I felt so odd. Most recently --at the later Denver Spah (which I couldn't get to), I distinctly remember someone
recording Jason Ricci onstage making a comment about the difficulties of playing at such an altitude when one isn't used to it. And Jason can not only play using a
type of circular breathing - and lungs of what seem steel :)  but he and his band used to tour close to year round, criss-crossing the Country so had tons of
experience at all altitudes.

Altitude CAN affect your lungs' ability to deal with intake of air --so don't overdo playing if you'll need your air just to breathe at that level. One can also get
'altitude sickness', although if you've done this before and are used to it, you're likely a lot less susceptible than people like me and Ed. His asthma, my
migraines which were brutal at those heights. Those who live in high Cities obviously do adjust - so they don't notice after a while but for many of us who live
closer to sea level it can be a real tough go. It was astonishing to me at the time, and nearly as bad at the Grand Canyon a week later (also high).

 It does sound like fun, though! Hope you have a great time!

Much good luck.

Elizabeth (scotty)
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