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Maintenance & Repair 101 / Re: Slide on Super 64 Chromonica...
« Last post by Jimmy Halfnote on Today at 12:32:29 PM »
 C'mon guys, that file used by Mr Special looks like a rasp you would use on horses hooves. Don't encourage the strong possibility of ruining a slide, would be better to borrow a nail file from a lady friend, some sense please.
New Member Intros / Re: Let me introduce myself
« Last post by wolfman on Today at 12:18:24 PM »
Good that you could join us Robert.

It's not that they choke after starting to sound, as pressure goes up afterwards. Its that they don't start to sound at all even at the lightest pressures, meaning that the reed isn't adjusted right to begin with. I'm confident that no technician was able to actually play such a reed adjusted in this way.

I suspect that the technician did an adjustment using measurements, instead of actually firing it up to see if it worked.

Yeah... I'm thinking that I might just open it up and adjust it. It's just irksome that the Hohner-authorized people at KHS couldn't do this while they had it. I hate to put my partner through stress by having her witness this, which is why I considered just returning it.

I will, however, never again buy a new Hohner with the thought that the warranty will be worth the price differential. I started adjusting chromatics on a nailed-reedplates Chromatika 10-hole I was given, by a friend who had spilled a cafe au lait on/in it. After delicately cleaning the whole thing out with interdental toothbrushes without removing the reedplates, and then gapping and adjusting the whole thing to play beautifully, I picked up various other chromatics used and brought them back to life. If an old nailed-shut Chrometta 12 can be purchased for less than $20, I don't mind putting in a little time and getting it working again.

I can't fault my partner for being generous, which is why I was so grateful for the surprise. I'd have bought used if we had known what lay ahead, or, more importantly, what didn't (in terms of an fully functioning harmonica received from the warranty center).
We celebrated our 41st last year too.  1976 was a good year!

Congratulations to all of us and our spouses!
« Last post by Greg G on Today at 11:33:30 AM »
This is all good stuff for those who enjoy finding patterns and wheels within wheels. Just to add to Greg's example and with our old friend the Circle of Fifths and Fourths very much in mind - if you play the fourth note of the CDEF tetrachord it will lead you on into the F Major scale. This is the magic of how the C scale morphs 8) into the G and F Major scales - and of course this pattern is carried on all the way around to produce the Circle of all 12 major scales.

Only the fifth note (In the C major scale, G) will incorporate precisely the same second tetrachord as its first tetrachord. But streetlegal is certainly correct that we can start from any point in the C major scale, use that as the beginning of our first tetrachord (which will have at least one note different than the C major scale's second tetrachord), follow it with a second tetrachord, and we will have played the major scale from the note on which we began as he indicates.

In other words, pick any note. Then play two tetrachords back to back, and you have played that note's major scale. For those who don't "yet" read music, if you have remembered that the tetrachord is defined by its intervals of whole step, whole step, half step, this means a major scale happens when you start on any note and from there play whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, half step.

While this post is largely redundant to the my first post, street legal helps put it into a slightly different and probably useful perspective.
New Member Intros / Re: Let me introduce myself
« Last post by frankyb on Today at 11:25:04 AM »
Welcome Robert!  WOW - it sounds like a great place to live!
YouTubeMeister / Re: My 1st clip
« Last post by frankyb on Today at 11:22:40 AM »
Nice job.
Chromatic Tabs / Re: Song for a Winter's Night
« Last post by drifter on Today at 11:18:47 AM »
Hi Lesley,  You can download midi files into Musescore which is a free program which will show the notation for all the instruments.  You then just have to copy the melody into BIAB if it is difficult to import midi.  It is possible to delete all the extra instruments and print a pdf of the one you want. 
« Last post by frankyb on Today at 10:54:10 AM »
For those of us that can't read music "yet" this is a real gift. Thank you

I second that!
YouTubeMeister / Re: My 1st clip
« Last post by Jimmy Halfnote on Today at 10:53:32 AM »
Well done Pete, you did not hurry the song so it came over as relaxed and honest, folks listening would enjoy because the impression was you were enjoying playing. This song is a great favourite with harmonica players is it not. :)

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