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GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: My new $48 Chrometta 12
« Last post by Gnarly He Man on Today at 08:40:09 PM »
One way you might wind up paying more--
If you buy a Suzuki from these guys, you are not eligible for warranty services from Suzuki USA.
You are buying direct from an overseas seller.
I would surmise that the charge/claim is coming from the photographer.
 Petroceli isn't that well known. Not really. One would think that ANY exposure would do him more good than harm. Especially ACCOLADE exposure. 
Petrocelli should step in and stop this. It tends reflect on HIM and make him look vindictive, and cheap.
Wim doesn't need these photographs and should drop them. Wim can stand on his own merits. 
The photographer isn't over zealous. He's using shock to get what he wants. May not have been necessary. But if you're too nice people sometimes shrug it off. And they don't know Wim personally, so aren't sure.
As for getting people's permission to use photographs of them, it's a slippery slope. Billions of photos of billions of people and very few were asked permission.
How does one then justify paparozzis. Should they all go directly to not collect $200.? And finally Was there an explicit note ON said picture warning that it was copy written? Oh, and everyone is entitled to a hearing. Even in the EU.


Big Brother, your method is not cheap as i have done this method many times of using fine tweezers to wiggle the screw and pull in out like a bad tooth and repair the hole for the insert.
I like anything with trains in it. :)
I closed my eyes then listened, then I opened them and looked around for the clarinet.

Years ago when I first got into the chromatic I watched videos of Robert playing and thought I gotta get me one of those CBH2016's. I purchased one and I must have got a dud cause mine sounds nothing like his.  ;D ;D

I played this on mine but unfortunately I can't get the same monster tone, so I gave up on that song. ;D
GENERAL CHROMATIC DISCUSSION / Re: My new $48 Chrometta 12
« Last post by Explorer on Today at 07:20:31 PM »
Strange: there is a CX12 Jazz for $30 less than a classic black instrument. And obviously the Chromettas mentioned above.

I have always been afraid of Aliexpress, thinking that everything must be a horrible knockoff, but it sounds like people are getting the actual manufacturers' harmonicas. How they manage that at a discount?
diatonic Discussion / Re: Bach Invention played on two diatonic harmonicas
« Last post by Age on Today at 07:18:36 PM »
I have absolutely no idea how anyone can do that :o  but my oh my, what a great job! 8)
I was trying to figure this out.

"Unfortunately, I have stopped with the jazz harmonica site. I received a claim of 1000 euro because I used a copyrighted photo. Apparently, our society is no longer capable of differentiating between commercial use and educational use."

I was surprised to find out there is no "fair use" exception in general in the EU, and that "educational" doesn't necessarily mean "purchasable lessons."

He makes it sound like a court ruled he had to pay, without ever giving him the option of just taking down the image instead or even a hearing. That's definitely strange, given some of the various cases I was reading about when trying to get informed on the normal procedure.

Did a court order him to just pay without a hearing? Or is this just outrage that someone asserted a copyright claim on their own property? Because the latter would be strange.
Oh brother.  I guess he couldn't just take down the image...
That's more in line with what. I was finding.
Wim, please put your site back up without the photo. IMHO you created a vital resource that should not be denied to people who had nothing to do with a "take down" letter from an overly zealous copyright owner.
Most people don't realize they can't use other peoples images without paying for them. I make my living as a professional photographer.  If we find out my images are used I send a cease and desist letter to the company. By the time the letter gets to the company I have already called them. I have never had to fight an issue. They end out to be very nice people about it.
I'm always surprised on a music site that people argue against the rights of content creators. It's especially ironic given that the site sells DVDs, and that by this "overzealous" argument, Wim shouldn't mind if someone pirated and distributed that content.
Wow! Reminiscent of Leo Diamond. IMO
New Member Intros / Re: Hello
« Last post by Age on Today at 06:38:03 PM »
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